Giant mosaics for your Events

Millions of photos into one

Our unique algorithm is able to create stunning mosaics using millions of photos. Each photo stays perfectly visible, on a photo quality print at 300dpi.

This creates a mosaic that is both beautiful from far and from up close. A great conversation starter.


Price Calculator

We recommend 10 and 20mm tile size. Smaller sizes are difficult to read and larger ones tend to pixelize the main image too much

you can see an example of an online display for a very large mosaic here

Dimensions 5x2m
Images Count less than 20.000
Nb Tiles 100000
Online Hosting No
Includes Print No
Includes Additional Development No
Quote £600.00
Note that shipping cast is not calculated in this quote and will depend on your location (we will ship from London)

Get a mosaic at your event

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We also create smaller mosaics for posters and wallpapers