• How do I make beautiful mosaics?

    Here are a few advices:

    • Use images with few details: Portraits or silhouettes work great for instance.
    • Use as many small images as possible. The more the better.

  • How long does it take to deliver a poster?

    It takes 5 days to get one printed, and 5 more to ship it. So you should expect yours to arrive approx. after 2 weeks.

  • Can you do very large mosaics for wallpapers?

    Yes we can!

    We can create images that can be printed on supports up to 4 by 4 meters, with a 300dpi, which is photo quality.

    In order to get your very large mosaic, simply go to the preview page and click on 'Choose a custom size'. You will then be able to choose any size for your mosaic.

    Although we cannot (yet) handle the printing of such large mosaics, we are looking into it. In the meantime, we might be able to recommend you a good company that can handle it. Just let us know the address you would like this to be delivered and installed and we will come back to you.

  • What is the minimum resolution for the images?

    For the main image, there is no recommendation, as it will depend on the size of your mosaic. But anything above 400x400 will be just fine.

    The small images should be at least 120x120. Of course, if they are larger than this, we will resize them accordingly.

  • The app crashes when I upload images

    If you are using Google Chrome under Windows, we have recently discovered a bug which requires Google to fix. In the mean time, we recommend you to use another browser, like Firefox.

  • Having trouble with an order?

    If you are having issues after having placed an order, please try and give us as many informations as you can so we can help properly.

    For instance, make sure to send us the address of your mosaic. It should be like ''

    Also, you can reply to most emails we send you. So try and do that, most if the important informations are in those emails.

  • I have a question not listed here

    In that case, do not hesitate to try the chat below. If you prefer you can also reach me at You can write me in english or french. I understand a bit of spanish too. I'll come back to you within a day maximum.