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Photo Quality Posters

Our posters are printed on photo-quality paper at 300dpi. They look great from any angle.

The small images are 1cm by 1cm, which is the best size to keep all their details while having main image still beautiful.

We also send you the high resolution image we used.

Hires sample

High Resolution Image

Great if you prefer to:

  • Print it where you want
  • Save shipping costs
  • Modify the image
Download High Resolution Example

Posters Framed Posters Dibond Download Only
60 x 90cm or 24x35'' $69.95 $269.95 $199.00 $15.00 Start
100 x 100cm or 39x39'' $79.95 $279.95 $20.00 Start
100cm x 1.5m or 39x59'' $149.00 $299.00 $40.00 Start
2 x 2m or 79x79'' $100.00 Start
Shipping World-wide
1-2 weeks
Shipping in EU only
1-2 weeks
Delivery World-wide
2-3 hours

Your mosaic in 3 easy steps

1 Choose the main image from your facebook albums, instagram, Dropbox or by uploading it.


2 Preview the mosaic. Zoom or move the image to get the part you want.


3 Add the small images in a few clicks from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox or by uploading them.


4 Done! Enjoy the result. Decide if you want to order it or make another one!

We also create giant mosaics for events and home wallpapers