General Information

No informations are collected about your facebook or instagram account beside the minimum to properly operate this website. We also do not collect information at all when you browse your Dropbox photos.

Data Storage

Photos you use to create mosaics are backed up, only to prevent situations where an image could not be found anymore. If we were not backing up those photos, we might not be able to generate the high resolution image when you decide to purchase a download or print.

Data Sharing

PrintMosaic uses a few partners to properly run its business:

  • Peecho

    We outsource printing facilities to Peecho. Therefore when you order a print, we send them the image you want to print and the delivery address.

  • Paypal and Stripe

    Payments can be made on Paypal's website or directly on PrintMosaic's website, via Stripe. PrintMosaic never stores or even sees your card informations.

  • Google Analytics and

    Those analytics services help us understand who are our users and where they are coming from.

  • Heroku

    Heroku is our hosting company

  • New Relic

    New Relic helps us measure our app performance and make sure we can provide you with a fast application.


Any questions should be addresses directly to